the conqueror changes are just stupid

i'm starting to be sick of balance team's choices. let's get back in time a little bit please, before conqueror was designed, when tank were still winning lane just by buying ninja tabi + bramble vest . there was not much to be done when playing champion like jax, fiora, tryndamere, riven, any bruiser really, when you faced things like maokai, sion, orn (actually he was nerfed a lot if i remember well), poppy, etc etc. as a tryndamere player with 2 M masteries point or more, peaking at D2 in season 6 , i can tell you it was impossible to get a kill even on a player 3/4 divisions below mine. i just tried to outrotate them for the win, but interaction with these champion just were not worth. now, what riot should actually do instead of nerfing conqueror true damage? NERF TANK, nerf all of these INSANE base damage or % damage that makes them impossible to trade with beceause they build armor and still have strong damage. what defines a tank is his ability to control the teamfight trough CC, not his ability to burst an adc in 4 sec. so you nerf all of these tank, so you can completly remove the true damage aspect of conqueror. you keep the ramping ad / heal which is decent enough. you eventually nerf the juggernauts if they are too strong after this. ADC class already is nerfed in comparaison to previous season , their crit deal 225% dmg instead of 250 % before, and you didn't nerf the TANKYNESS of tank, just their damage, so no fix needed there. i wont comment about assasins beceause like a lot of player i hate this entire class. but mages already can't kill a tank so no fix needed there either. tank are back to what they should be , big health bar with huge armor and a lot of cc that excel in extended fight thanks to their displacement / stun / slow, but are dependant on their team for the damage part. Bruiser are back to being less tanky but more damage oriented option, without the 20% / 10 % true damage part . and other class just stay the same. problem solved TDLR : you fix your game by nerfing things, not by always giving more power to a class so they can beat another one that is also buffed. EDIT : and you actually remove guinso rageblade's passive so vayne no longer delete tank in 3 sec, f*ck this champion
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