Shojin doesn't need to be remove from Summoner's Rift.

Shojin is core item some top bruiser to fully reach their potential such as Jax, Renekton, Riven, Olaf, etc.. However, due to its passive, _after casting ultimate, the next attack grants user Awakened Dragon. Awakened Dragon gain 50% bonus AS, and basic attack refund 20% of your remaining basic abilities cooldown on-attack_. Due to the passive that gain the user 50% bonus AS and auto attack refund 20% of your remaining basic abilities. However, the broken part of its passive is that it gain 50% bonus AS so that it can synergy stronger with its other passive (which is reduce cooldown of basic abilities on basic attack) and the players had been complaining about Shojin's broken passive. However, removing Shojin meaning an indirect nerf bruiser champ that relies on the item to fully spike potential earlier, also an over nerf for Jax and Renekton as they really rely on their cooldown for duel when splitpushing and as well as Jax's 1v9 carry potential. Increase its price to to 3700-3800 would make it more balance, either nerf its passive from 50% bonus AS to 20% AS or just remove it and keep the price as 3400 which would help. PS: Sorry for my bad english and grammar.
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