Why don't we shave off the unnecessary and overloaded parts of Yasuo's kit

His passive - double crit with less crit damage and that wind shield. Shave off the wind shield and he will become much less threatening when he has it up. Or at least make it so it falls off quicker and/or decays over the duration. His w - the hitbox of his w starts from the center of his own hitbox rather than from in front of him so he can't block anything that comes from behind him by windwalling forward. And increase the cd, it's up way too often for an ability that powerful. His e - why does it stack up to 50% bonus damage? No reason. Remove that part. And remove the ad scaling, it doesn't do much but overload his kit more than it already is. His r - why the fuck does it position him outside of tower range? Just make it so his ult gets him behind the target rather than wherever is better for the Yasuo player; it's just plain unfair. Something needs to be done about this champion. And i hope it gets done after they are done milking his prestige skin.
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