I am done

Sad to say, but i am done with this game, been playing for almost 10 years but the newest changes were the straw that broke the camels back. Since season 9, the game is decided within 10min. The match making system is a complete piece of trash. Bronze/ low silver players in my elo... feed feed feed and feed some more so that the chances of us winning are non-existent. The community has voiced it opinions numerous times about fixing the game only for them to release a handful of skins and make mindless changes that only a small percent can really see [zommgggggg increase sivirs ad by 2 points....NEW META]...instead certain champs remain completely busted yet nothing is done... Not to mention, support items are awful now; as a support main, I am useless and getting items is slower than ever. The new items are completely busted and won't even be changed during the next patch. Anyway, deleted this game off of my computer. Sad to see it go but this game is just not fun at all anymore.
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