So riot didn't u say you wanna remove stopwatch?

What the fuck happened to that? Because i'm so tired of this fuckin item. This must have been the single worst addition ever brought to league of legends. That's counting the balance girl squad irelia, akali, qiyana and kai'sa. Who are more than rage inducing. It's not interesting to use, it's not interesting to face. It has no counterplay it unreasonably punishes proactive play something YOU YOURSELF wanted to see more in the game after the resident sleeper gameplay of endless waveclear s6ish. I'm so tired of you guys time and time again bringing elements to the game that punishes you for actively playing the game by the click of a button. Even casters if someone watched the semifinals start to get tired of STOPWATCH AND STOPWATCH AND ANOTHER STOPWATCH EVERYONE GETS A STOPWATCH HAHA. Even worse is the fact that you can literally stopwatch and zhonya right afterwards like what the actual fuck man. Remove the rune AND the item from the shop for good. Don't bring it back. Don't look back at it. It's hilarious to me that a good and for some champs even necessary item like raptors cloak is getting removed from the game instead of including it to existing items OR create a new item but stopwatch has to be kept? Like what is wrong at Riot HQ? Zhonyas and the effect stasis of it has been one of the most broken gamewarping effects since their inception. Zhonyas is hilariously broken and everyone who can builds it cuz why not. Great build path, gets CDR AND cost reduction from that dumb stopwatch rune and is generally just one of the best statted (is that even a word? ) items in the game. So while zhonyas is already annoying atleast do me and the league community a favor and remove stopwatch already so we can actually get to play league of legends again without getting "outplayed" by a 600 gold one button wonder.
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