ADC players: We don't like getting one shotted in 0.2 seconds, Boards:

ADC in 2018 ~ Sneaky Getting One-Shot Compilation (with Reactions)
★★ Compilation of Sneaky Getting One-Shot in 2018 ★★ I definitely missed some moments throughout 2018. This was the best I could do. And, no, that thumbnail death recap is not clickbait - it happens at 2:22. I also apologize for some awkward cuts, but I have done so to avoid copyright issues with the background audio.
"Well you should just learn how to kite and position OMEGALUL L2p THIS PLAYERS ARE SooOO BAaaD" Reality- video from above, not even LCS players are immune to being insta deleted, pressuming you play against equally skilled opponents and not bots, kiting and positioning, hell even having a shield bot janna support isn't a guarantee of you living longer than 0.5 seconds in a fight. I don't care how much you say (lie) it, you can't kite half the champions anymore unless you're playing Vayne or Lucian, there's just no kiting Zed and you can't "just position properly" when he has 2 dashes and a flash to get to you and his damage is so high that he doesn't need to hit his damn Q to kill you, RE+duskblade is more than enough, especially since in 70% of the games your supp will be either Pyke,Brand,Zyra or Lux, with almost 0 chance of saving you. If LCS and Diamond players get gibbed i can't even imagine what's happening in silver or lower, we are all human, you can't dodge every single CC, ward every single brush and dodge every damn ability, nor am i saying that you should survive being hooked into 5 people or not get blasted by a 20/0 Rengar, but i don't know why are we pretending that doing 40% of carry's health with a single ability is completely normal, why should we tolerate bad assassins missing half their skillshots and killing you with a duskblade + ignite proc. The point im making is this, people have been complaining for seasons now that a lot of the carries feel unsatisfying to play, you are overly reliant on your support through out the game and later you are completely reliant on your team to peel for you, this may be okay for an organized pro team but it's not fun for your regular player. Contrary to what many will spew on the boards, adc mains do not want to be "THE LITERAL GODS OF THE GAME" or Ardent Censer meta back, most people i see commenting just want carries to have more defensive options whether it's their items or their kit, and will gladly pay for it with damage. Looking at the most popular carries now and in general {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:145}} you can see that most of them have a lot of self peel,mobility, or other forms of surviveabiltiy in their kit or via their build paths like Luc building BC, they are pretty self-reliant and have more breathing room in general. Also building GA or Merc scimitar, although i love them, isn't a cure all, especially if you're up against tanks while playing a crit carry, where you need 4 items to start doing any damage to them All in all if you think kiting and positioning is all it takes to never get killed as an ADC then my advice to you when you're being killed by an ADC is to just stay out of the range of autos man, or hell, the favorite boards response to everything, just cc him man

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