As A Marksman Main...

As a Marksman main and an avid LCS watcher I believe that there is only one thing that needs fixing with the meta........ ..... ........ ............. ................ Gold funneling strats. This soft handed nerf champs popularly associated to the strat band-aid is a game of wack-a-mole. What Riot needs are heavy handed cross the board general nerfs. And to my mind the nerfs necessary should be experience related. Soo.., with that in mind here are some ideas which I think could ALL be done in tandem without breaking the game: 1) Non-buff Monsters have takedown exp sharing. This is so that the champion that the gold is being funneled onto pays a shared battle exp price for sharing...., the experience of the battle (of the jungle camp). This is thematically fair without affecting buff leashes. 2) Here I'll list two alternatives one only of which should be additionally necessary: **Either** A) _ Rework minion exp sharing so that instead of minion exp being shared equally by nearby champions.., that the exp favors the lower leveled champions._ For Example say including the bonus exp that sharing a lane gives, we call the total EXP 100%. This 100% is shared equally currently. Instead maybe 80% should be shared equally while 20% goes directly to the lower leveled champion. This will also affect duo lanes where the support roams. Overall this slightly encourages more inter-lane interaction. **OR** B) _Rework Jungle items to still give bonus exp from jungle monsters but in return.., penalized exp (or shared exp) from lane minion._ SO in another example if the total experience share a champion with a jungle item gets from minions is 100% then instead they get 80%. I was even thinking so far as this penalized exp from minions can be the case for only the base/starter jungle items and when they are merged into the coloured smite.., that penalty is removed. The reason is to ensure that this penalty to exp from lane minions doesn't affect all game, just only the early parts of the game where this strat is cheesiest. Teams from mid game could benefit from split push junglers without the additional penalty, only the arguable strategic cost. The combination of these ideas will not affect solo jungling exp. They will not affect the gold generation. But they will delay the level spikes enough to give solo jungling + solo laning superior experience efficiency. And since levels have a stronger value early game than gold (or items) this allows the gold funneling strat to generate gold faster but not tempo from out-leveling the map while roaming and being able to brute-force win engages from from the non-interactive PVE style start.
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