I'm so fed up with this (seriously what the actual fuck is this)

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Quick Edit: In case you're seeing my old name on this thread, I did change my name to Jinto For the past couple weeks I can't help but notice all my games I've been matched with and against people way higher than my level. I'm an unranked scrub and have been for years now; so why the hell am I always up with and against people in Gold and above??? Honestly, look at my match history I attached. This is seriously killing my experience in LoL since not only am I being outclassed by my opponents constantly at all times; meaning I can't do anything against anyone, but I'm also being outclassed by my teammates constantly at all times; meaning I can't contribute anything meaningful to my team. Either I'm feeding hard and being deadweight or being neutrally useless which also puts my team at a disadvantage. Normally low elo/rank players complain about how they're way better than the people on their team and should be in a higher tier; this is the complete opposite. I should not be playing in this high of a skill range. I play like an absolute tard and I should be matched with and against other tards like me. My CS is often the lowest (aside from support) and my KDA is often the worst of the team. Honestly, the fact that I can't do anything to anyone or for my team is killing my experience with LoL. I've heard a lot of these two major responses in my games: 1 - Normals and Ranked have separate MMRs. If that's the case then isn't this severely abusable? People improve their skills to high elo and then dumpster normies like me in normals. If that's not what's happening against me then I don't know what is. 2 - I'm being matched with Golds+ because I deserve to be at this level. No. No I do not. My CS is often shit. My KDA is often shit. My impact on the team is often outclassed by everyone and everything. I always constantly severely underperform in all these games. Fuck man I can't even remember the last time I was matched with and against low Bronze which is where I should be playing at. I'm honestly sick of this.
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