Help me out here, has Riot done a single thing right in the past 4 years?

Turret playing is another win more mechanic. Either you die and lose turret plating. Or you leave lane to try to help losing team and lose turret plating. By the time mid game rolls around it dissapears so it is never a comeback mechanic. Scuttle it the single dumbest fucking thing theyve added and they refuse to revert it. If I die in a level 3 scuttle fight I just leave, I will never respect this as part of the game. Elemental dragons add rng and is just another win more mechanic. Infernal is only good if you already have stats. Mountain is only good if you can take objs. Air is only good if you can roam. Water is the only one that's good for everyone. It used to be you got some good that was the same for everyone. Baron is so easy to kill, usually a win more mechanic but sometimes a comeback mechanic since you can do it so fast even if your behind. Every champion doesn't revolve around their kit, they revolve around a ruin. Urgot is only because of conquerer. Potions were heavily increased so bad matchups just got a lot worse. Used to be you could play safe and farm in bad matchups but with more damage and less regen it's nearly impossible to lose a favorable matchup now. Picking meta matters more than ever before, speaking of which... Champ design has gone down the fucking drain. Old champs had abilities that were good on their own but left it up to the player to decide how to play/build them. Every new champ is designed with idea landing a skill shot then mashing your keyboard as hard as you can, while building the same thing every game. Shit champ design started with Yasuo, bubbled with Kalista, simmered with Zoe, burst with Kai Sa and the debris is Mordekaiser. It's as if they only playtest how fun the champ is and don't give a shit what it's like to play against as long as the winrate is fine. The client only gets worse and I crash now more than ever before.... Nexus Blitz was fun, remove it. Dominion ignored and removed. Treeline hanging on for dear life and completely ignored. So much wasted potential, this game has potential for so many cool game modes and maps and they can barely support summoners rift. Bugs are more apparent now than ever. Today I was playing Talon and he just refused to auto attack for 3 seconds after I Qd someone. All skins are now 1350. Gotta raise prices to compensate for shrinking playerbase. TFT is a terrible game made in a rush to chase a trend. We lost urf and blitz and one for all and hexakill for this? I don't play it but I can tell you they will never balance it or fix the ai but they will make more skins. Personally I think the worst offender here are the reworks. My favorite champs just keep getting removed from the game and replaced with these abominations with cringely voice lines and more toxic gameplay so they get nerfed out of the game after the first tournament. Why am I so salty over a shit game? Because after all the time and money invested I feel so robbed. Like the devs made something I liked, took my dough and turned into something I hate.
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