adc itemisation

so i ve been on the pbe and saw the changes to adc itemisation : brawler s glove is being removed and instead cloack of agility takes it s place and zeal items are now awkward and yes it costs more and has more crit and what not but i feel this is a nerf to the already slow scaling crit adcs by delaying their powerspikes and forcing them into awkward back timing and probbly overstaying for farm only to get dove and die , adcs are in my opinion already obselete as a concept in a video game where the game is decided before 15min somoene who comes online at 3 items only to be oneshot by legit everyone is just obviously a flaw in design , the proof is that right now the most bought items for adc are defensive items and ofcourse ie bcs without it crit adcs deal no damage , static shiv is useless since it won t save u from talon or qyiana and runan hurricane is only buil on on hit adcs who desperatly need it , otherwise it s qss , pd , hexdrinker , ga and whe adcs can build wits end they do so , i also find myself building mercs or tabis when the 35% attack speed is obviously a dps booster but no i have to live to even begin to do damage and nothing captures my point more than my mains : kaisa , lucian and xayah . kaisa can build zhonyas or banshees which in my opinion are beyond broken especially zhonyas with the 90sec stasis effect affected by cdr runes , lucian who doesn t need attack speed thanks to his passive if you are good at him u can just go essence reaver , ie , pd and qss and xayah who has a root and her ult and with 75% crit u can build a ga or qss if needed . my point is that next season with the shared exp nerfs , solo lane exp buff and herald double respawn and dragon only being useful in the late game with dragon souls , adc will once again be pushed away from bot by mages who have better laning friendly items like lost chapter who for the same price as a bf sword , offers mana regen passive , cdr and flat mana with ap , and with sorc shoes and oblivion orb which is really cheap and synergies well with most mages , mages are now dealing true damage to u , so do u delay the already awkward , expensive and slow scaling 3 items powerspikes to pick up mr just to survive ? or do u maybe try to compete with their supperior wave clear? simply put u don t . u pick mages bot and maybe marksmen like lucian and vayne will see play in top/mid as counterpicks . and for the possible argument that mages bot got clapped this year at worlds , all i have to say is that putting a marksman main on a mage faciing a marksman on a marksman is obviously in the advantage of the adc , besides next season with all i ve cited above , mages will be stronger . so i ask RITO to create marksman laning friendly items and maybe remove the rranged nerf on dorans shield and upfront some power into crit items and nerf some ap items while buffing mr items . thank you for your time
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