"We’re also looking for other small improvements we can make across the item system"

Ability power: Remove the passive, haste from the game. (Grants 10% cooldown reduction on Ludens, Hextech GLP, Lost Chapter, and Seraphs. Changes below to these items are not including haste) {{item:3285}} - Remove the 10% cdr and 200 mana {{item:3146}} - Remove the 2 second 40% slow {{item:3115}} - Remove the 20% cdr, attacks now deal 15 + (20% of ability power) (currently 15 + (15%)) {{item:3040}} - Remove the 10% cdr, shield now only uses 10% mana (currently 15%), Ability power down to 35 (current 50) {{item:3135}} - Magic penetration down to 30% (currently 40%) {{item:3157}} - Remove the 10% cdr, remove 5 armor (current 45) {{item:3089}} - Needs a better build path to make it more accessible {{item:3907}} - Needs it's stacking changed so you can reliably stack is easier and alone {{item:2065}} + {{item:3174}} - Higher cost, but a bit of compensation to stats {{item:3152}} - Item is now melee only Mage items that are ranged/melee only to help balance mage items. Mage items need a lethality type stat. Spell vamp needs to return as a named stat on mage items and not just gunblade, ravenous hunter, maw, and death's dance. Attack damage: {{item:3147}} - Remove nightstalker passive (bonus burst from stealth), compensate with movement speed or 15 ad {{item:3508}} - Remove 10% cdr (currently has 20%), cost down to 3000 (current 3300) {{item:3004}} + {{item:3042}}- Do not grant awe until fully stacked, remove "refund 15% of mana spent" on awe (awe = grants bonus AD equal to 2% of max mana) {{item:3044}} - Kills no longer grant 60 movement speed, 250 health + 25 damage (current 200 + 15) {{item:3133}} - Attack damage down to 20 (current 25), should not be stronger than serrated dirk and should be situational {{item:3033}} + {{item:3036}} - Cost reductions {{item:3071}} - 350 health + 40 AD + 10% cdr (current 400 health, 40 AD, 20%) {{item:3071}} - Passive = dealing physical damage reduces armor by 5% for 4 seconds, stacks up 6 times (max 30%) (current = 4% for 6 seconds, stacks up 6 times (max 24%)) Other: We need more diversity in how we can play the game, and the excuse of not many people building certain items wasn't a valid excuse to remove them. {{item:3172}} - The reason for removing it was that nobody built it and it was just a substitute to boots later on. This isn't a problem because the games almost never last more than full build, let alone letting you to gain enough gold for another complete item. Most people just sell boots anyways if they have enough. Banner of Command - Revert item back to it's original passive before they broke it and instead of fixing, just deleted it. Excuse was it was not being used enough. {{item:3056}} - Make the active last 5 seconds instead of 3, or a simple stat buff {{item:3053}} - The text. "Grow in size and strength", but doesn't grant any damage (strength), just size {{item:3512}} - Add 125% base mana regeneration because most split pushing champions need abilities to push waves {{item:3009}} - 70 movement speed (current 55), slow resist to 30 (current 25) If not this, make all boots do +30 movement speed instead of 45 Another quality of life change is making certain items like sunfire cape, liandrys, etc... not tick per second, but every half second for more precise damage (numbers adjusted for this). Same applies to things like Malzahar E, Fizz W, etc... Also we really need more items in the game to promote creativity and diversity in how you can play, because right now there is not a lot of either. It doesn't need to be revolutionary and one of a kind either, just a simple item like stormrazer is enough to promote creativity and diversity. Edit: You guys seem to think extremely one dimensionally so I will make it some things more clear for you. These are not exact things that have to be added into the game exactly as I said. They are recommendations and not all of them are supposed to be added. Obviously they aren't going to change every item in the game, and changing items will change the game a lot, and shouldn't be done on a whim. You guys seem to latch onto one of the smallest thing in an entire paragraph post, and try to throw a tantrum immediately without any discussion at all about what could be better instead or what consequences they may have. CDR is a problem, but it could also be tied to how riot didn't actually balance things properly, and just threw the equivalent to duck tape on everything, and now we are paying the price. CDR is a problem because of how much cc was thrown into the game to counteract assassins being strong, mage items were the victim of power creep and have been some of the most broken characters in the entire game for a long while now. There is a reason mages are/were some of the strongest in each role. Kennen top, Malz mid, Karthus jungle, Syndra adc, Lux support.
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