Can this game cater to the non competitive a bit more? A message for RIOT.

The only modes are summoners rift, that 3v3 map, and ARAM. This game has amazing characters with interesting abilities. I wish I could do more then play competitively. I know ill never be pro. Why should I care about trying to prove I am better? I just want to have fun in a game with your characters. What happened to dominion? That mode was very fun and broke up the monotony of endless summoner rift. I have been playing since December 2009. I was super stoked that there was a company doing the same thing from Warcraft 3. All those random games with whacky characters. No one knew a meta since it was just jump in and do things and have fun. Back in the day we made our own ARAM games with scouts honor not to go into the jungle or base. I remember doing Hide and Seek on the dominion and rift map where 5 people ran and hid while one person looked for the rest. Now the only thing for me in LoL is to try hard and be the best. meh. I try hard enough in real life. I just want to have a fun game. I quit playing back in 2016. I wanted to try LoL out again after having lots of fun in paragon, smite, hots. What really brought me back was the characters. Anivia, Kennen, Katarina, Ryze, Vayne, Shaco. The characters are top notch, much better then any of the fore mentioned games. Unfortunately those other games are more fun to play with worse characters designs feel and concept. All I am saying is after one week I'm already tired of the same old same old. I would of expected RIOT to have spiced the game up, or provide more modes by now. Now that I think about it, Rocket League, another skill based pro player game, has the try hard mode that is actually more fun the LoL in most ways. But it also has goofy modes like the one where the floor falls out or the hockey puck game. They really extend the life of the game and spice it up. League really has none of this. Another game I played and stopped playing is Overwatch. They are very similiar where they each beat thier competition with excellent characters design, feel, and play style. The game has many more maps then LoL but it held my attention even less. Its too competitive. The competitive nature almost snuffs out the fun of the game. I would rather play old modern warfare 2 or halo 2 then Overwatch at this point. Going forward I cant say that ill play LoL as much as say Hots or Rocket League. Hots is just more fun. Sure its unbalanced as hell in quick match and the game is less carry based. Its actually more fun though because every game is much more... idk... unique?, random? rediculous? fun?... Less competitive but more fun. If there was something else to do besides endless summoners rift with an occasional ARAM, I could easily play 20 hours a month, and you could make 10$ a month off of me. This will probably get buried but I am attempting to at least change some minds. or maybe just get down-voted to oblivion.
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