Fix Twisted Treeline Ranked System.

Ever since the start of Season 9 ranked has been a complete mess. Players trolling when they don't the role or champion they desire. In twisted treeline games are basically dominated by funnel lanes, no matter how hard you try to beat them or how hard you shut them down early due to gold advantage from the funnel they will always win the game. The more annoying matter however is when the teams truly are just unbalanced. In my recent stretch of games I have had my teammates get completely destroyed while I maintain decent stats. By the end of the the game it turns out that my teammates are silver players where as I am Platinum almost diamond. The people who are on the opposing team are all Diamond, or in my case the top 3 ranked 3's players. I understand flukes happen but when you're playing the top tier players 4 - 5 games in a row with a team of golds or silvers, I truly believe that this is insanely unfair. I have messaged riot several times and yet all I get is the same automated response it seems of all games are decided by a balanced MMR system. I believe that MMR doesn't help balance a game, since someone who is high diamond who can still have the same MMR as a low gold player but the diamond player will have increased amounts of skill and experience in game play as opposed to the gold player. MMR doesn't balance anything at all. To make matters worse when playing against the top 3 players it seems that I lose 20 lp as opposed to the rare times I beat them and gain only 8-14 lp. Please riot fix this ranked system so no more people have to suffer the same fate I do.
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