Can this game not update as much

I think it's healthy for a game to not update as much. Right now, since the meta changes slightly with every patch, you don't really get time to learn/appreciate what's there before everything turns around. I've seen pros talk about this, but as a new player haven't really been affected by it until now. What happened was, I used to rush stormrazor first with rengar. Maybe not smart but it was really fun. Then they changed stormrazor to where it doesn't even make sense to get with rengar, at least not as a first item. Now they made stormrazor slightly better, and I have no idea if and when I should get it. Another thing was with camile. I played camile jungle once in drafts and loved it. Her e makes ganks so fun. I immediately thought I'd be a camile main, and then suddenly they nerfed her clear. They might as well have removed camile from the game for me. I don't play top and never will. This one tore me up even more than the stormrazor change. The problem is that this game changes so fast and often that you don't even get to fully appreciate each patch before there's another one. You can't learn a new meta (some of us have lives) and new champions for each patch. My suggestion, for all it's worth, is to make around 2-4 patches per season. This will allow for the meta to more fully develop, and give riot more time to really analyze how the patch affects the game, thus letting them make better follow up patches, and allow players to more fully latch on to what works, what they like, etc before it is all changed.
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