1 more keystone for the sorcery,resolve and inspiration rune page

It would be nice if riot added 1 more keystone to the sorcery,resolve and inspiration rune page so they can be equal to precision and domination runes. Has it stand right now i feel like those two pages have more diversity and offer more gameplay than the rest. What kind of key stone i would like to see * **Sorcery:** Mystic siphon this keystone would be a kind of sustain keystone. Whenver you hit an enemy with an ability they will leave behind either a blue or green orb. You can walk up to it to restore some mana or health. * **Resolve:** Aegis this keystone would be like a skirmisher keystone. Whenver you deal 3 hit on your target gain an increase in your movement speed and defense for a short period of time. * **Inspiration:** Flight this keystone is the support version of predator. Your boots will be enchanted and when actived grant you and your surrounding allies would gain an increase in movement and allow you to fly over terrain for 5sec 4 is a beautiful number{{champion:202}} ------------------ **Keystone suggestion** * Quester ( Inspiration): Support can pick a task to complete in the match once completed would reward them with a variety of rewards: coins, xp, and stats. ~~~ Drakath2002
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