How is Vayne and Nasus BUFF even a thing to THINK about?

Do you realize now nasus can get like double amount of stacks than before in the same minute no? So what enemy team has to do, the jungler has to camp only top in early game? And what? He can be 0-5 he will still stack and recover all. And why 5 people has to be looking for one guy? So the other 4 in his team get free advantage? If you dont look for him his 4 team mates will not get free advantage but he will so its a mirror. Vayne buffs. ULT + Q (invisible) + Q (invisible) + Q (invisible) + Q (invisible) + Q (invisible) + Q (invisible) + Q (invisible) How you win against that? How you target her? She was annoying think about now. I never saw some stupid buffs in ages, I saw others that were bad but this stupid never. Who think this was a good idea? The only way to win this matchups it is if you are in the side that is winning 100%. This buffs make that if enemy team its at the same level as your team or a bit higher you cant throw the match. That is the problem.
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