Riot, please don't let this Ryze rework make it to live.

So this may be an unpopular opinion, but here goes. I love the current iteration of Ryze. I love that he is a high-skill floor, high-skill ceiling champ who I could never have dreamed of playing efficiently when I first started playing league. Now, years later, I can use him effectively and have a great time doing it. Here's the thing. They want to rework Ryze because low elo players can't play him, and high elo players are too good at him. They say that's bad for the game. But isn't that the same logic for they won't change Garen? Rito has said they don't want to change Garen because he's great for beginners, even though he is not played at all in high elo (props to Riste for being the exception to this rule). Why can't we have a champion that isn't played at low elo but is great for people who have mastered this game? Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all against changes that make Ryze a more healthy champion (the change on his W turning into a slow without flux is great, for example), but why make his E automatically bounce and nerf its ability to bounce? It dramatically lowers his skill floor, but also lowers his skill ceiling as well. Why lower his ability to carry by nerfing his overall damage? Why change him into a champion where you just get 40% CDR and just spam E? Tl;dr - Change Ryze to make him healthier, not easier. What do y'all think?
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