When to realize a champ is dying

Well, if you have eyes to read you should know of who i am talking about, my best champion, the kinkou master{{champion:98}} . I never complained about Shen because he has been a reliable pick in every season and when it got reworked i was so much happy but now i realized he is slowly (not as slow as i would) dying. There is a couple of reason: 1)Kit: He is a tank, a lategame peeling tank but you are not allowed to build tank. Let me explain, Shen's only way to damage minions is Auto/Q and you need all 3 autos to kill 1 MELEE minion, this force you to go with an early {{item:3077}} that gives nothing to shen or you will not be able to push one single wave unless the enemy team dc for 5 minutes. (imo this item is just garbage now{{item:3751}}) 2)Stats: Shen early stats are weak compared to other champs {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} , that's because you have a big shield that will scale very well lategame (same issue with {{champion:57}} imo, even if is a big heal) but as i said and as you can see on the various sites on internet, you ain't gonna build full tank, the best build is now {{item:3078}} {{item:3748}} not because they are good with shen's kit, just becuase they are good on every single champ in the game. so in result you are a tank with low base stats that is not even gonna build defense stats until 25 minutes. 3) Lack of damage: ok it sounds weird because "tanks should not do tons of damage"( they don't agree with you{{champion:86}} {{champion:14}} ), but this champ after reaching 15 mins just loses all his damage, im not gonna lie, early levels your Q deals a lot of damage, but after a while it just does not damage, it scales with %health as magic damage and you build ad, so basically is better to use ad even tho shen gains nothing from it just because is better than rely on his own kit. For this reason they dragged shen botlane as a support, and it's not so bad even if is a full damage meta, but god sake, he is a toplane tank, not a fighter and not a support, I used to one trick this champ playing something like 200 games with it or more every season but now, in season 8, is one of the less played champs by me. Also, another little issue, an assassin lategame can have 67 lethality (with the runes) and maybe even a {{item:3036}} while fighters will have Conqueror so.... well have fun {{sticker:vlad-salute}} Edit: I know with shen you should carry by Protecting people, splitpushing ecc.. but remember im in p1 elo, people are stupid and i can't carry anymore by protecting a 2/14 twitch, that's why i switched to {{champion:8}} :(
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