What is wrong with League?

League of Legends Clash of Fates, a game that has been around since 2009 so we can all say that many people have grown up playing it. A game that started as a free to play copy of Dota that everyone hated at the beggining and then it became a huge sucess with everyone young or adult, talking about the game. I remember back in 2011 going into internet-cafes and seeing 50 year old men playing the game and talking with the same excitement as I did with my friends in the class. Good times. I remember LoL being a game we would play to relax and have fun and I am not kidding, the game used to be "fun to play". Many people loved it but most of them decide to switch to newer titles without even wanting to hear about the game again. So, what changed? What is wrong with League? The answer is quite simple. League changes and changes constantly but it does not evolve. What do I mean by that? League is a game with simple rules: beat everything, destroy towers, destroy the nexus, done What is LoL right now: Learn 150 champions, learn how everyone works because every day they release another, main about 10 of them until they get reworked out of nowhere, learn 300 different items until they get deleted and are replaced with new ones, take 5 drakes, snowball the lane, ward everywhere, watch out for the unecessary escape route plants, watch out for {{champion:555}} because he is still in the game, cooperate with 4 toxic waste and go with their flow, everything went right, got the baron got the nexus, victory! Oh wait, forgot that my jungler decided to run it down and we lost the game. Right now, League of Legends, does not know what it wants. It reminds me of a teenage girl that suddenly wants to change her style. "I like this one, no that one is better, ah this one doesn't fit" Shut up and just settle on something! This girl, is Riot games who prefers to add paid achievements into their game instead of making it better! Yeah Riot games, a company that claims that is always close to the playerbase and always "listens" to what they want and need and you listen closely to their feedback to improve the game! Because the entire playersbase asked for eternals, new jackpot loot bags, new prestige skins and creating new champions every 2 months even tho you know that there are too many unbalanced ones?! I remember back in the days when a new champion or a new legendary skin came out, we were all excited to see it in game because it was such a rare sight while now you create champions that ruin the entire game balance and create skins every god damn week and the playerbase is all like "not again!! not another damned prestige skin for another famous champ!!" Stop it already! You create half assed reworks again ruining the little balance that was left in the game and release new champions when you already know there are many unbalanced ones ruining the entire game. You rework champions while you already have ones that require 500 nerfs before they are even close to being called "op" instead of ban or lose and before you even finish the balancing you move to another champion and forget about them being in that broken state and just throw more buffs into them to justify your lack of balancing knowledge. Enough already! Stop changing for some time! Stay and have a look on what you can do to improve your game! I know you are losing players but Eternals, new (no pve) events and TFT aren't going to bring them back! And before I forget, if there was a heaven for all reworked champions and deleted items and if there was music playing, it would be [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIOh512j8XM). The song that made you feel awesome just by playing the game, make you feel awesome just for being in champ select! Understand what Riot does now? They are killing their game! Riot, Tencent for the ones that searched the thing up. Riot, you give me eternals, you give me more prestige skins and trash events, you commercialise every thing you have in the game and if that doesn't work for you, you straight up remove it! Stop, calm down and take a look at the game. You see the toxic playerbase and you try to stop it by giving away perma bans and chat bans to everyone but the ones guilty while in reality you just straight up say "stop trolling idiot :]". You try and spread your focus to everything while you got players and duos trolling in games, wasting 40 mins of your life making a defeat inevitable and while you got that "intentional feeding" report button right over there in the report options but I doubt if anyone deserving a perma ban has ever gotten one from there. And you know why that is? Because you are unable to detect if someone actually trolls! You have teams that create hollywood quality productions (that they stop even these for money) cinematics while you are unable to get a team to start purging the playerbase's toxicity! Not to talk about the incompetent team you have created to balance the game of course! Riot, please, just stop shifting the game for a while and try to look at it's problems. You claim that balancing the game is very hard but if you stopped trying to commercialise LoL for some time, you will see that fixing it and making it fun to play once again is much easier. Ask your playerbase, the entire playerbase (NA and EU isn't China!!) on what they want, on what changes they need, on how to make the game great again. You used to do that, you used to have a great game, why not do it again, why not have a great game again? I don't hate League, quite the opposite, I have much love for it in my heart but with your changes, even the most optimistic player who was always hoping the game will return to its former glory like I did, have made that love, that hope change to dissapointment to the once great LoL.
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