Honest question about "shieldbot freelo" supports.

I've noticed we as a community more or less refer to champs like {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} as shield bots, but I'm kind of questioning why we perceive them this way. I watch high Elo streamers sometimes, and the one common factor I've noticed is that they don't actually max their shield ability, they max their poke ability. when you think of a shield bot champ, you would think of someone who spams shields and plays super passive, but if they max an aggressive ability, isn't that a complete shift in playstyle? therefore if they stand upfront and poke the crap out of an enemy which is more of a mage support playstyle, how come when champions like {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:143}} do it we call it carrying, but no matter how much poke they do or how much damage they output in lane, ones like {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} are reffered to as being "carried" by someone else and just "grind out 1000 games to call themselves diamond"? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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