Well, time to change game

1. Damage insanely high 2. You have to play meta otherwise you are useless 3. The strategic side of this game doesn't exist anymore and it is getting worse 4. YOU FUCKED UP THE SUPPORT ROLE. HOW COULD YOU 5. The comeback isn't real 6. Must have to say goodbye to my beloved username 7. It is not fair that I have to lose lp if a teammate fucking leaves and we lose. Am I remembering bad or this is not even conceived at worlds!? 8. Junglers can carry ALONE a losing game 9. STUPID BUFFS TO CHAMPIONS THAT DON'T NEED THEM AT ALL 10. The earning of blue essences is criminal 11. Can't even have fun in Aram because of bots. If you are not interested in rankeds you don't have an mmr that allows you to find matches with real people You know, Riot, I loved your game and love the lore and your artistic departments, but jeez, the state of the game atm is literally terrible and it is not getting better since years. I wanted to reach Diamond next season, but if these premises will remain almost the same I won't come back on this game.
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