After 10 years, Riot solved the Melee vs. Ranged Problem

Once upon a time, the one design decision that led League of Legends was melee vs ranged. All balance was directed toward the tug o' war between melee vs. ranged. Ranged pros is their range, and their cons is their squishiness. To give melee more chances to catch ranged, ranged cc, assassins, and engage tanks were the answer. Then ranged players went "Oh no, why do melee get to jump on me so fast!" So Riot started making adcs get more get out of jail free cards with enchanters being made, sustain items being increased, and kits becoming more self reliant with cc and soft mobility. "Why do I get blown up before I can get to the ranged carry? Too much damage!" So Riot increased tank surviability, created juggernauts, and gave assassins new toys to play with (including making new assassins that were even more bs). Now the ranged player goes: "Riot, why does this beefy champion get to walk toward me and kill me!" So Riot went "Wait, wait, wait. This back and forth is happening for too long. We're tired of trying to balance melee vs. ranged. We're going to nerf health and resistances across the board, nerf ranged adc options, and just have none of the two have fun options." Then they buffed mage cdr, mana, and items, and nothing really changed at all. Sorry, my bad guys.
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