Does Sylas have the highest possible skill ceiling?

I've been playing a bit of Sylas, and holy hell.........he is a ton of fun. For someone who has been playing for 5+ years, his kit is easy enough to pick up, but does have enough skill curve in it to where you won't dominate the first game you play him (particularly, farming and hitting his second E are the hardest aspects of him). But then you get his ult.......oh boy. His ult is unique in the way that the more champions you have played (or are at least familiar with), the more useful it is. You know the conditions of each ultimate, and how they work (Jinx ult does more damage the farther it travels, Kayn ult needs the target to be damaged before hand, Zed ult "absorbs" the damage you deal to the target and releases said damage in a burst, etc.). However, even then, there is still some learning. For example, earlier today I learned that if you get a Kai'sa ult, only YOU can apply the passive stacks needed to trigger the ult, and only auto attacks can apply them, making Kai'sa's ult quite useless in most situations. And this what I mean by Sylas having the highest possible skill ceiling. His ultimate, and the way you play, is completely dependent on how the enemy team is built. And considering that there are literal *billions* of combinations you can have on a team, nearly every game you play will alter how you play just slightly. He is a champion built for a jack-of-all-trades player, which, in this day and age, is becoming less and less needed. Back before Summoners Rift even had it's visual update, we did not have the role selection we have today. Players chose their champs in order, but would normally call out where they were going when they picked their champ. If you so happened to be last pick, and didn't want to be a dick, then you basically filled in whatever role the team needed. As you can imagine, one tricks would have a pretty hard time during this time, since it was never certain if you would get the role your champ was best at. This is also why you may hear some people say that you should learn at least 2 roles, and roughly 3 champs for each role. It's not as prominent today, but back then, it was effectively an unwritten rule. So, people like me, who didn't want to fight with others of where they were going, just decided to go wherever the team needed me. This has allowed me to become familiar with every champion in the game, and be able to play almost every champ to a decent level (high mechanical champs, like Yas, are not my forte). But now, I have a tool that allows me to express my knowledge and experience in game, thanks to the sheer versatility that Sylas' ult brings to the table. I have a pretty damn good feeling I'll be playing this champ for awhile......thank you Riot. I'd say you knocked it out the park with this one.
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