proof that riot doesnt learn from past mistakes and WANTS to create new bugs ("new" teemo q)

warning not the best english inc. with the small teemo "rework" riot had a decent idea. they changes teemos q in a way that blinded people who attack teemo now fire/swing around teemo to make it look like they are actually blind and dont know where to hit. but riot messed that up insanely creating new bugs in the progress here is a video for reference. first things first, not everything misses. some stuff still actually targets teemo but "misses" him. be consistent rito. as shown in this video, several interactions are just fucking stupid. jinx' rockets still explode and damage targets around teemo even if they miss him, just more to the side now. same goes for xayah, her feathers become more spread out which is actually benefiting her e. sadly vandiril didnt test the interaction with graves cause im really curious. this is what actually happened to graves when he got blinded by teemos q. he was firing left/right to teemo but his bullets could still harm you. so riot changed TEEMOS Q instead of graves. i can prove that. before this change, teemo was able to blind the gromp and not get hit by it. after this change this got changed. blinded or not the gromp will now hurt teemo. once again perfectly showing the bugfix teams mindset of "fix one bug, create 2 more, call it a day." so we already have new buggy interactions there. you see twitch ult in this video aswell and it ONCE AGAIN raises the question, wtf is twitch ult actually? its clearly not normal autoattacks as you can outrun them. as you can see here. but they can be blinded like an autoattack. they also penetrate and have some buggy interactions with "new" rapidfire + stormrazor but that would go too in depth for as post about teemo. just when is riot going to fix twitch ult? its been buggy since his release. which was like what season 2? feels like mordekaiser all over, ignoring a major bug for years cause why not who gives a fuck. also seen in this video is "special onhit" stuff. i mean like kayles new aoe, hydra (which isnt shown in the video) etc. even while blind and the autoattack actually missing, these effects still hit. which doesnt make sense. if you have an axe that creates shockwaves WHEN IT HITS A TARGET then there should be no shockwave when you attack the air. so now tell me. teemos q actually doesnt get any changes in the rework, but riot wanted to add something more visual. they only did that for idk like half of the champs? so ignoring the fact that they did half their job and said "thats fine put that on at least the pbe", who the fuck tested this and was like yeah this looks good. stuff like hydra, jinx q, xayah feathers etc are all buggy as fuck but who cares put that on the pbe. either at least try to complete your work, or dont put out buggy stuff like this in the first place. because i can promise you, this shit wont be fixed until someone in the lcs plays teemo and gets affected by this shit. which will take years ONCE AGAIN!

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