I had one of the best games of my life last night [Master Elo]

_Mostly writing this for myself and teammates to remember, but might be a slight inspiration to someone._ ___ Master solo queue game. I was Zyra support against a Swain Thresh botlane. My Draven kept shoving the lane in their turret (not the way to play this matchup), he would get hooked by either swain or thresh, and we'd both die to that and/or Xin Zhao ganks. TL;DR we were like 1/8 in 7 minutes. Draven then proceeds call me and the team all sorts of names, then disconnects and never comes back. Meanwhile our 0/5 Jayce was also having a hard time against the fed Xin and TF, but he never flamed. At that point the team's chat was basically "aw man :( this was winnable". Then, our Yorick tells me: _"Zyra, farm, you're our apc now"._ We were losing hard and had a dc'ed Draven. But Yorick or Ivern instead of blaming the team and say "go next" didn't say a bad word and believed the 0/5 Zyra could do something. This encouraged me a lot, and even if we'd lose, I was just looking forward to play that game with a team with that attitude. The enemies were like "Open? Can we just push?" but we were on the same page mentally and no one wanted to leave. The combination of us trying our best and them perhaps being overconfident (_as every team will be when it's 20-6, 5v4 and you have 2 of their inhibs down, all drakes, and Baron_) made us stop their push. From that point, the game just turned really fun. Defending base, waveclearing, constant jokes. And at 36 minutes, we ended up winning after killing them at Baron. I went from 0/5 to 18/9 and the realization that this feeling is the best a game can offer. Not LP, not a border, not KDA and not your rank. If your happiness depends on your LP, you're going to tilt, be miserable, possibly toxic, and definitely climb less. _And it's always going to be hard not to do this_. I didn't gain LP yesterday, lost 3, won 1, but I didn't need to play anymore after that, and instead just felt like I had got more from League than winning 20 games. I was so happy I even forgot to report the Draven = ) Thanks team <3 https://i.imgur.com/JX17Wv0.jpg[/img]

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