Pyke Jungle

Patch 9.13 notes
Karthus R - REQUIEM BUGFIX Champions in an untargetable state are now properly unaffected by R - Requiem's damage Qiyana Q - EDGE OF IXTAL STEALTH BUGFIX Qiyana is no longer locked out of auto-attacking after stealthing from a Grass-enchanted Q - Edge of Ixtal Kha'Zix Q - TASTE THEIR
{{champion:555}} **Pyke's changes** {{champion:555}} Changes to Pyke's E in the patch 9.14 and Q in 9.13 have **limited Pyke to one lane**, support. For players like me who enjoyed playing Pyke in in other roles such as jungle or top this is frustrating to say the least. The **nerfs to the Q and E** make it so that** Pyke can no longer efficiently clear waves** in lane **or jungle camps**. **The Q change**: Single target (hits nearest unit, preferring nearest champion), Pyke's Q used to hit multiple targets allowing it to be effective in wave clear and jungle clear. **The E change**: Phantom Undertow now stuns non-champions, but deals no damage to them, again this affects the efficiency of wave clear and jungle clear. {{champion:555}}** Why Riot changed pyke **{{champion:555}} > We're targeting solo lane Pyke because his strong anti-harass tools make him an impossible-to-avoid death trap if he gets too far ahead. To help curb that, we're specifically hitting his wave clear. I partly agree with the concept behind these changes as Pyke's solo lane ability was very strong especially if he got ahead. (before nerf pyke was concidered to be a A tier Top laner). However I do not agree with the path Riot took to try and counter this problem as I feel removing and champion from a lane is **more damaging to game** and is **not actually correcting the issue** it is just removing it entirely. A **better way to fix this issue** would be to **reduce Pyke's scaling** or to **nerf his mid/late game stats**. I feel that this would be a better way to go about this problem as changing a champions game play and effectively limiting the champ to a single lane is **not the solution that most people would be happy with**. {{champion:555}} **Pyke Jungle** {{champion:555}} **Pyke Jungle was not a meta pick** champ and was **not **considered to be a S, A or even B tier jungler in the patch before the Pyke nerfs. As a jungle main who enjoyed playing champs purely dependent on if I think their kit is fun to use, I enjoyed playing Pyke as his kit made is so that his gameplay style was high risk high reward. Not being able to build health made is so Pyke a very squishy champ with alot of outplay potential as if Pyke got caught with cc it was likely he would die however with alot of **movement and cc in Pyke's kit, if used correctly Pyke had potential to be an effective jungler when it comes to his ganks. {{champion:555}} **My thoughts on Pyke changes **{{champion:555}} My personal opinion on Pyke's changes is that it could have been done in a better way which would appeal to more people. **Another potential way I think Riot could change Pyke** (if they cant fix the problem with his solo lane) would be to **make it so Pyke's E damages jungle camps but not minions**, this way Pyke in lane would not be viable but his jungle ability would remain unaffected by the nerf. I personally also feel that the **nerf to Pyke's Q to make it target a single enemy was not needed** as **was Pyke's main source of jungle clear for camps with multiple units** such as birds. His Q currently doesn't do much damage and only affects one target making his Q overall useless unless charged to be used as cc (His charged Q is also relatively difficult to hit from range). This is just my opinion and I would like to see what other peoples thoughts are. :)
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