ThornMail does not accomplish it's anti-aa function.

{{champion:39}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:24}}{{champion:6}}{{champion:11}} {{champion:5}} are aa-focused and still are able to burst tank toplaners that wear {{item:3075}} . Needles say it's useless against skill-based ad toplaners, such as {{champion:122}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:58}} . No one builds early lifesteal. It should be a "I'm a tank and want to survive lanephase and farm without being insta killed by an aa-abusive champion", not a "i'm a walking anti-adc lifesteal champion". {{item:3143}} should be the one that cuts healing off, since no top one except {{champion:157}} ealry builds crits (as if {{item:3143}} could stop a yasuo) , meaning that item already has a late-game bias. {{item:3075}} tries do to too much and ends up doing nothing at all.
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