Riot, please give Soraka some help LATE game.

Hi. I've been maining Soraka for almost 5 seasons now, she's always been a champion I've enjoyed in terms of both gameplay and concept. It's been a bit difficult playing her in such a damage oriented meta, could she maybe get a buff to rejuvenation mid/late game? She loses a ton of health just healing her allies alone (rightfully so, I know), but her Q range is too short to restore health mid/late game, meaning she cannot even get close enough to hit it. This meta is all about mobility, burst, and who can kill who the fastest. Late game she doesn't restore enough from rejuvenate to be useful, it tends to be all about her silence and R. She already has the risk-reward factor, this would really just.. **enhance** it? Would be super awesome if she could get a rejuv (Q passive) buff mid to late game that way she can risk her position to rejuvenate some health because as of now it's guaranteed death.
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