S rank requirements need to scale with time

I think I wrote about this but can't find it so writing it again just in case I didn't. I'm having a lot of trouble getting S rank because either I don't play well enough, or when I play well I stomp the enemy too hard and they ff early. Anyone else having this problem? It's VERY frustrating. This last game I had perfect kda, like 130+cs i think, and warding like crazy but got A because they ff at 20. I have played so many olaf games and it's always like this, either all 3 lanes just get rolled, or sometimes i'll just have a bad game, or else we stomp them and they ff. Anyone else think the S-rank requirements, and A, B, etc. like the whole system should be time-based? Like if the cs needed is like 150 or something, make it a various amount by every 5 minutes or something.
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