Since Riot refuses to properly nerf Top Kench what do you suggest?

#I want it to be clear that we're talking about Top Kench not Tahm as a whole. I don't think he should be forced out of the Top lane meta entirely and top level players shouldn't be able to determine if the nerfs to his kit actually did something to Top Kench. I think that a good place to start by nerfing the range from **900 to 800/600.** Something that wouldn't impact his support game too much but make laning against him top lane less... shit. He's always going to be annoying to lane against but I feel like giving other toplaners more room to interact with him after he Qs would be good. I'm not the guy to really be making these calls but I must admit his damage seems a little balls. If he is a "Juggernaut" then I get it, they all do pretty crazy damage and he doesn't seem all that capable of carrying a game. He seems like his goal is to stop you from being relevant lategame since he doesn't really do much.

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