Jax exhaustive Toplane Matchups

Alrighty guys, I've seen a lot of posts about Jax's early game and similar posts about him on the boards recently; and as a 500+ game goldish jax main, I wanted to talk about his matchups. Obviously, some of my info will be biased because I am a jax main, so feel free to call my BS out in the comments. {{champion:266}}: Somewhat straightforward; Aatrox slightly wins until 6, then jax wins if he's not behind. With all the nerfs to Aatrox recently it's gotten a lot easier as well. {{champion:164}}: From what I've seen, mostly a skill matchup. Her damage output is a little strong than Jax's early because of the true damage and double empowered auto's. Yes, jax does have E, but a good camille will hit at least one of them. After 6, Jax gets advantage. {{champion:31}}: This one's weird. I honestly have yet to really figure it out. I think Jax has the advantage till 6 but if Cho has ignite and 6 it's hard not to get munched. {{champion:122}} Okay a Darius mains absolutely destroys jax. Jax either has to use his E to negate the damage from Darius' E, OR the slow from his W. A good darius will land at least one of these, setting up for an easy Q and 4 stacks with a slow. IF darius misplays and EW's into Jax's E, THEN he looses the trade. But this lane is definitely darius favored. {{champion:36}}: Pretty easy matchup for Jax. Don't let him poke you with Q, dodge his E with yours; bring ignite. Definitely Jax sided. {{champion:114}}: Skill matchup with fiora edge till 6; then jax slight advantage. Here's the thing about Jax's E and Fiora's W interaction: Jax can successfully dodge Fiora's stun without killing her; but if she lands that damn stun: its over for Jax. That's why I give fiora a slight advantage. {{champion:41}}: Idk man. I feel like its jax sided, but one of my friends has like 1mil mastery points on GP and can always beat me in a 1v1. Y'all let me know what you think in the comments. {{champion:86}}: Okay here's the thing with this matchup: All the time I hear "bUt jAx CaN dOdGe tHe SiLeNcE" Garen's Q at level 1 is up every 8 seconds; Jax's E is at 16. A good Garen will know that timing and abuse it. On top of that, EVEN if Jax dodges the E, Garen just has to W the Stun and Click E before the stun and garen STILL wins the trade. Jax cannot outrade him Pre-6, and at 6, the matchup is dependent on who brought ignite. If garen brings ignite, all he has to do is get you to 50% health, then engage with E, ignite and ult. This matchup is HEAVILY garen strong. Jax eventually outscales, but it takes awhile. {{champion:150}}: Gnar has the advantage if he doesn't waste his jump. He can kite jax into oblivion, and when Jax jumps, all gnar has to do is jump away. At 6, jax starts winning trades because gnar's jump cololdown is longer than Jax's. {{champion:420}}: This champion is terrifying. Jax's only hope is to CS and try to scale into late. I hate this champion with a passion. {{champion:39}} Jax wins this lane with relative ease. Irelia CAN outplay jax, but if she makes one mistake she dies, whereas Jax can mess up and still win trades. {{champion:126}} Again, kites Jax into oblivon. When jax jumps on him, all he does is switch to melee and hammer him across the lane. Because Jayce doesn't get a 6 powerspike, Jax eventually gets advantage. {{champion:10}}: This champion has like .00001% playrate. Can kite jax, but not as badly as other ranged toplaners. {{champion:85}} Kites jax into oblivion, then just E's away when Jax jumps. Still is stronger at 6 because he can stun for so long. Eventually jax outscales, not sure what level tho. {{champion:240}}: Kled is actually my pocketpick, and Jax has an advantage, BUT if he messes up and dies early, Kled will snowball and stomp. Jax should win this if he plays passively tho. {{champion:127}} Error 404: ability to move not found {{champion:54}} Surprisingly, one of Jax's harder counters. The attack speed slow is rough for Jax, the armor shield sucks, and malphs ult is strong. I personally buy gunblade into this lane to compensate (especially because most malphs buy {{item:3024}} early), but that slows Jax scaling into late game. {{champion:57}} Only played a couple of these matchups, I think Jax wins but maoki can set up for ganks really well. {{champion:82}} Okay yeah Jax CAN E mords' Q, but Morde can poke Jax with his E so hard. This lane is also snowbally with a mord advantage EARLY. On even footing, jax will win an all in, but Jax doesnt have natural sustain or poke so its hard to lane against Morde. {{champion:75}}: Jax SHOULD win, but one misplay and your health is GONE. Also wanna clear something up, people always say "well just buy bramble best it messes up Nasus's healing. Nasus' healing usually isnt a problem in fights tho. The problem is he just disengages and heals all his health after one wave. Also, jungle mains, if you see this lane; no matter which one is on your team; camp it. The first kill will snowball and dominate the game. {{champion:2}} Has advantage over Jax. Can poke with Q, has great sustain, and EVEN WHEN JAX E's, Olaf' E goes through it, meaning he's still doing damage. Also, his 6 is scary. If Jax gets early kill tho, can snowball. {{champion:516}}: Haven't fought since recent changes. {{champion:80}} Jax's absolute worst lane. So much poke, easy stun, easy tower dives. Literally makes it impossible to CS. I permaban him in ranked. Jax outscales late tho. {{champion:78}} Just an annoying lane. Can block Jax's Q, can stun for 17 years, and even though 6 isn't a powerspike, can just ult jax away if she's about to die. {{champion:133}} Annoying poke and can disengage when Jax Q's. Jax eventually can smash, but its especially annoying because you can be winning lane, she'll just roam at 6 and get a couple easy kills. {{champion:58}} Bullies Jax early, gets outscaled. Pretty straightforward. {{champion:92}} Jax wins, but a really good riven can be a pain. Her 6 is strong too. {{champion:68}} Dicks Jax. I hate rumble. {{champion:13}} Similar champ style as Jax, rough early but comes on strong late. Difference here is that Jax comes online earlier than Ryze. I'm pretty sure the higher elo you are though, it changes to being Ryze sided. There's not many Ryze mains in gold lol. {{champion:98}} Jax wins. Straightforward. {{champion:27}} Is just annoying. Jax cant kill till 6. {{champion:14}} Sion can be scary early but Jax outscales quickly. {{champion:50}} Swain can poke, but if Jax can get on top of Swain Jax will win. I'd say its even {{champion:17}} Fuck teemo {{champion:23}} Okay here's the thing about this lane. First kill wins. The other one gets hopelessly destoryed. Jax win's early all ins, but Tryn has better sustain. Skill, snowball matchup. Also heavily dependent on how Tryn's early crits fall. Too much RNG {{champion:6}} Dicks Jax. {{champion:8}} Jax wins with {{item:3123}} {{champion:106}} Don't see it much, but scary when I do. Never won this lane but only fought it two or three times. {{champion:62}} Jax should win this one. {{champion:157}} Skill matchup with a slight Jax edge. In my experience, its been whoever has more experience with the lane. {{champion:83}} Jax should win this lane.Very snowbally. Alrighty so out of these 40 matchups, in my opinion Jax wins about 15 and loses about 25 pre-6. That being said, this is all conditional on the player's skill. I just analyzed this based on their abilites and windows for winning trades. TL;DR just dick on Jax before 6. Levels 3-6 are your absolute best window of opportunity to win. Let me know what y'all think in the comments.
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