The game quality this season has been abysmal.

Every single game is stomp or be stomped, theres no skill balance, one team is meant to win the other team is meant to lose. I've never had a game where i've been winning lasting longer than 15-20 minutes not because we won but because the other team just instant surrenders as soon as it hits the time threshold, once again there is no balance between skill levels, no one is interested in making a comeback they'd rather just ff go next. The matchmaking this season has been really really unfair and i know you're doing it to make queue times shorter but give us the option, i would wait 10 minutes for a game if i could be guaranteed my role, I should be able to play my favorite lane and my favourite champion not be autofilled into a role i'm uncomfortable with. The Champion balancing has been really questionable i'm obviously no expert on this but what on earth is this pyke buff? remove his damage and gut him for a month then double his gold income in an attempt to fix him? Patch 9.14? what the hell was that, i couldnt even play the game and we're STILL experiencing bugs some of my friends can't even load into games nowadays. This is in no way to rant or cause a big stir but honestly i've really not enjoyed this season at all, bring back being able to solo carry, bigger comebacks, less stomp or be stomped. Thanks :)
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