“We found that Jax is doing really well after we buffed his Q, so now we are nerfing ‘X’”

And in doing so, you’ll be making him worse than he was before you ever buffed his Q - which he didn’t need in the first place. He was already really balanced, and borderline OP with SoS. This change now allows you to max E second, so he has less downtime on being vulnerable well before he gets SoS. I mentioned this before they did the buff, and now as a result Riot will end up trashing some other part of his kit instead of just reverting the buff they never should have given him in the first place. I want to be optimistic but riot does stupid shit like this all the time. Please, just revert the buff so I can play Jax again and so he doesn’t have to be gutted for your inability to have any foresight whatsoever.
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