How many inters can I get in a row?

I just went from high G5 back to low S1 over two nights because of a fucking ten-loss-streak that was out of my hands. If I got there on my own blood, sweat and tears, then surely I alone can't be so out of my elo that I single-handedly force my teammates to lose ten games in a fucking row. Every game has the exact same pattern: 1. Do well in lane. 2. Teammate does not do well in lane. 3. Other teammates agrees with me when I call that laner bad. 4. Teammate goes 1/7/2. 5. Teammates go afk in teamfights, and when I go in, I'm apparently going in alone, because I have no team, so I end up losing the nice stats I once had. 6. Other teammate googles my stats and says, "Lol, you have THAT many games and are still in this elo? Clearly, this is all your fault!" YOU'RE THE FUCKING REASON I'M STUCK IN THIS ELO, YOU MOTHER FUCKING MOTHER FUCKER. How many more games do I have to play before I fucking win one? Why can't I get the 1/7/2 enemy top laner one single time in the last week? WEEK??!? How can one week be so fucking unlucky? What the hell is this matchmaking that one person would get fucked this hard?
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