Looking for tips on macro and csing

I'm a diamond mid player. My micro is better than my current skill level (in my opinion), but my macro is probably mid plat level. I don't know where to go to push leads, I don't know how to end games. I just know where to roam during laning phase, either to help the jungler or side lanes. I have good to great cs during laning phase, but the moment it goes past the 15 minute mark, I noticed (both myself in game and with the help of league of graphs) that I start csing a LOT less, and when the game ends, I either have very good kda, bad kda, but little cs nonetheless. Usually I just tell myself that, "The adc is farming mid, ok. Top laner is farming a side lane, ok. The other lane is shoved in, so I guess I can't cs without overextending, but instead just poke and maybe kill people." But I feel like this happens way too much to be a good thing. So I wanted to ask fellow Diamond mid players or better - How do you guys usually play your macro game? How do you determine your next move? Where does your cs come from after laning phase?
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