Why is that allowed?

Can i play the Game pls? I´m absolutely tilted af actually since few weeks about those extremely Matchmaking-Issues. feels kinda like 80% of my Games gonna be decided by those horrible teammates i´ll get. Tbh .. i know we cant win every game and its fine .... i also know that i´m performing like bullsh*t sometimes. But when i play about 300 Games .... lose 65% of them cause of the teammates with an average winrate of 40% or below and still stay on a straight up 4,0 KDA , nearly one of the best Platinum 4 statistic players and an average of 80% KP sorry ... then i´ll believe in the system holding me down for no f*cking reason ..... playing good as hell is really like it needs to be punished with the worst teams you can get around. How hard i just have to carry? cant f*cking play 1v9 in nearly every match .... cant f*cking carry a whole Team of basically "trolls" ... Cant f*cking carry a team going to die cause they want a little caster minion .... when 4 Enemy champs trap the WARDED BUSH! If thats iron ... idk but ok then its fine when players play like first time League.... Platin and players playing like this is just a basically troll-Ladder Even with Ap kindred i could carry harder than my average teammate can do with 20:0 ........Even in Master it would be clearly easier to climb as in platinum 4 ........The troll-Lvl is insane and should be fixxed in S10 ....
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