A actual look at what can be done to make Treeline draw in more players

"However, Treeline has always suffered from low queue sizes, even in times when we added new items, map-specific champion balance, and even the Twisted Treeline redesign waaayy back in 2012. At present, it falls short of even the numbers we saw at the end of Nexus Blitz’s second run. This small population leads to long queue times, poor matchmaking, and ultimately an unsatisfying PvP experience for many of the players who do queue up for Treeline." WOW 2012 WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU, literally taking more time looking back for when you last updated the gamemode than fixing the botting issues, updating the map, adding things like a river for champs like {{champion:246}} and dragons for champs like {{champion:102}} and maybe 2 buff camps on opposite sides of the map so {{champion:427}} would be playable and contesting smaller but useful objectives would be viable. I WONDER WHY IT COULD POSSIBLY BE UNSATISFYING How could we possibly fix it? We're a small indie company Well here LEMME SPITBALL HERE SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO 1- Larger jungle so team play can get a better focus more champions can be viable and people like {{champion:141}} and {{champion:91}} don't just get to control the whole map because walls mean nothing 2- Add 1 red and 1 blue buff on opposite sides of the map equal distance away from both spawns that spawn a little later than the early camps around the same time the alters unlock so objective plays aren't pointless. and make them slightly stronger than summoners rift so there is an incentive to go for them and lose an alter 3- Add a River and a dragon pit. Put the dragon pit on the opposite side of the map 4- Increase the base movement speed of minions and champs, or make TT boots give more movement speed to accommodate for a larger jungle forcing longer lanes 5-WORK ON WEEDING OUT BOTS 6-Add more items that interact with alters so there is more incentive to get those as well rather then "I got it once so i have my hunter stack and I dont have mana problems so who cares if we keep it" 7- Add Unique mini objectives like scuttle and the old green smite so junglers can have wards for a larger jungle and coordinated teams will be able to make plays Then on your grand launch make a cinematic with idk Swain talking to Elise about her sacrifices to vilemaw before the camera pans through the treeline for a close up of an UPDATED Vilemaw BOOM WHAT UP ez clap hype achieved And all that was in about 10 minutes of brainstorming. Come tf on Rito
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