Stop cutting your own junglers off of their gold and xp, k?

There's nothing worse as a jungler then when you're falling behind cause of some bad plays on your end of good plays on your opponents end, and then your own team (usually the ADC, but both solo lanes can be just as guilty) starts killing all of your jungle camps and often times even running over to you as you're killing a camp just to take the gold. You guys need to seriously stop and actually think for a freakin moment, ok? Like if your jungler is a tank like Zac or Sejuani then yeah, they don't usually need the gold as much as the laning carries, but if you have a carry jungler who needs to scale just as much then let them have their ONE form of gold and xp generation! Hell, with a jungle item they get more gold and xp then anyone else will so you're in fact stifling your team as a whole by removing that bonus. So just asking that from now on you guys actually pay attention to the jungler when taking their sole form of income, and I know MANY players will think "well the gold is better on me cause I think I'm better then my jungler/team therefore it all belongs to me!" And to that I say you're a selfish twat who'll never rank up, this season more then any other is the season of "if one person is feeding you probably lose," so let your jungler get their gold and xp so they can actually take part in the game and help you win instead of being too weak and likely leading to your loss.
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