In all honesty it's quite astonishing that Lulu still has a point and click ranged hard CC ability

This champ gets banned by so many pros and high elo streamers and it's quite literally because of this stupid ability alone... no other character I think of has a point and click RANGED HARD CC *BASIC ABILITY* (Not ryze since roots aren't hard cc and you can still attack), no, this completely disables your entire champion from doing anything... like I said, how many other champions still have an ability like this? I can only really think of sejuani, but she has to hit those 3 or 4 proc things... BUT, if we're looking for a quick easy solution, just make her polymorph not last 2.25 seconds (jesus christ what?) and make it last like 1.6 seconds. To compensate, if she's too weak, give her power in her kit elsewhere (perhaps make the ally W portion stronger, or her shield stronger) EDIT: I don't think people seem to understand how I'm differing Polymorph from other abilities, so I'll make it really obvious here: Polymorph: - Reliable - Basic Ability - 2.25 seconds of basically being cc'd by a silence on steroids - ranged, and decently ranged at that - and most importantly, POINT AND CLICK. I keep getting posts here comparing her W to ULTIMATE ABILITIES. Realize that Lulu's 6.6 second Polymorph is not something you should compare to something with over a minute cooldown in most cases... Twisted Fate's gold card isn't as reliable, you can still attack when ryze rooted... the only actual similar abilities are fiddlesticks' fear and maybe annie's q if it's the 4th ability (but her bear is way better anyways)
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