Support: what to do with a bad ADC.

So lets set the stage, you are a Blitzcrank, you go to the bottem lane and you see a great oppertunity to use the rocket grab. You Q, connect, E,the Enemy Duo fights back, and then you realize that as soon as you engaged, your ADC ditched you and you die. Even though you two had an edge against the enemies, your ADC doesn't know what to do, or doesn't do anything at all. Here's another, you are a Sona, you and the ADC have an item advantage, and enemy jungler was just spotted at top, HP and Mana is good to go, your minions are pushing in, you ping to let your ADC know you are attacking the enemies... and they just ? mark ping you as you engage... What am I suppose to do when my ADC doesn't do anything? or worse, what do I do if my ADC is feeding out of their minds?
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