I already think season 10 is the worst season yet and here's why

**Why? Let me explain** _Games go like this._ Midlane and botlane, especially midlane were most influential along with jungler. If midlane was winning they helped jungler take first drake. Fights happened in drake because now they are too valuable to lose. The team that was losing midlane lost the drake. (in my games in both occasions) The losing team also went 3-4 kills behind because a fight happens in the drake no matter what because people want to take it. So the drake buff and the 3-4 kills that set the losing team behind made it lose the next fight in the drake because again the same thing happened. But this time the midlane and botlane / jungler had a bigger lead and they could contest drake with much more ease. Losing team lost yet another drake. After that the match is pointless. Losing team is going to lose all drakes, winning team is going to get all drakes and become even stronger. In both instances my matches ended in around 8 minutes everyone was spamming surrender votes including myself because the winning team was so far ahead that the match was pointless. This is by far the worst season i have played in terms of the losing team turning tables on the winning team and the lead keeps snowballing no matter what, very fast too. Mark my words. There's going to be a lot of rage and ff at 10 minutes this season, much more than it was in season 8. I truely believe that if Season 8 games were one sided this is the pinnacle of 1 sided games. I'll play a couple more games but if i keep seeing this, i won't even participate this season. Perhaps better for my mental health at this point.
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