Teambuilder was the best thing

(Warning : Salt, to take with grain of salt) Original : And now it's gone. Riot again(again) trying to force ranked down people's throat, and force us to play roles/champions we don't want to play. Why, oh god why... I'm trying to understand the reasons for this. Long queue times ? I've never waited more than a couple of minutes to find a games even with the most popular picks (like top or mid or bot), at any time of day. I work nights, trust me I know what's a tuesday morning queue. What people also dont get is that ranked bans and pick selection will make the game preparation much slower, a couple of minutes. This is the time you lost in "long queue times"... I don't want it. I don't need it. During queue times I can fix food, do work, pushups, whatever. During picks/ban, I have to stare mindlessly. I don't play ranked, it never interested me. I don't need the stress. I only play casually and my time is limited. I like to sit back after a day of work and play a couple of games with THE CHAMPION AND THE ROLE I WANT. I don't feel "filling" and I shouldn't be forced to. At the bare minimum I should NOT have to pick 2 roles. Many "casuals" only play one role, the one they enjoy most. What happens if you force them otherwise ? It's gonna be dodge fest and honestly, I might just do it too instead of having a bad time, disliking the game and playing poorly which would suck for my teamates anyway. Teambuilder was the dream for me , I honestly did not need anything else to be happy with this game. I'm not even gonna talk about the new selector being slower (takes more time to start the game), the bans - Waste of time for a casual, just let me play ffs...- Oh and awesome, I've been in queue with the new builder for 4 minutes now, so fast(okay that's the salt talking). I'm already dreading I might be forced into the role I don't want to play. By the way, Riot intentionally does not tell you what role you were picked in your game. You are forced to accept the game. Of course this was meant to prevent dodging, or skipping. I'm mindboggled. Go farther than the basic principle of saying "people are gonna dodge fest". People will still dodge-fest with this, only they will do it 10 seconds later, in champion select. So that's 40 seconds of human lives wasted. If you are going to do a dodge fest, might as well create a simple, quick "skip" button in the game prompt which would tell you your role. You skip until you get your role. Sounds pretty dumb right ? That's because it would render the system useless. But it actually tells something different. It tells the system is flawed and uncaring for what players might like. It blatantly says that, whatever number of players we are, we can be used to boost a very, very different queue. Put yourself in my shoes. The game lost a feature today, not the way around for me. I don't play draft. It's too slow, I don't need the bans or the necessary interactions. I'm prepared for longer queues to avoid that. I just want to play the game. I don't care with who, or against what. Bring the most OP broken champ if you want, I will play against it and I will have a ton of fun. And with TB, I was insured of many things : 1) I'm playing the champ I want and the role I want 2) My allies are cool with it 3) My allies are playing the champion and the roles they want 4) And so are my enemies. What does that mean ? No role calling, no threats, no feeding out of anger. All is left is raging and the mute button already solved that. If you ask me, the game designer that was tasked with this is like all other game designers. He is passionnate about the game. He plays every role, most champions, ranked a lot. He loves the game and he loves all the roles. But I can't believe that's the way of every player on this game, it sure as hell ain't mine. I play 1-2 roles and a handful of champions. I'm good at those roles, adn I'm good at thos champions. I win 60 % of my games ( Like most people. Couple of wins then Riot MM puts me with weak teamates or strong opponents. I don't mind it, it challenges me as far as normals go, no stress ) and I have a blast every single game. I LOVE my favorite champions. I don't love them being banned or somebody taking my role, my time, and pushing me somewhere where I don't want to be. I can understand wanting to fuse the queue so more players are in the queue pool. But to me, if you ask me ? And I'm sure, at least part of the casual community ? If we are a minority, how much exactly does Riot gain from merging us ? This champion selection thing belongs to ranked AND NOWHERE ELSE. Yes I'm salty. Probably too much. But LoL was a great way for me to cool off after a long day in a stressful and dangerous job. And I'm trying to find the good in this but I don't... I can't speak for the community, I'm just one person. TLDR: Please : - Allow limiting to ONE ROLE. This alone would make things much smoother. UPDATE : Please note that I wrote this shortly after the release. Of course Im salty, of course I exagerate. I VALUE everyone's opinion. Okay, maybe not the ones replying I should L2P or that they never cared about the mode. Those answers might just show as much selfishness as I might get blamed for "not playing the game like everyone should". Stop asking me to learn to play more than 1 role. I play ALL ROLES. I just don't WANT to play more than 1 role sometimes. And ideally, I want to play the champion I want to. Might be selfish, but only to the extent that I do not want my experience to make others suffer. Hence why I don't need bans and I don't care about picks. Play what you want, but do the same. I'm not about to boost your queue times just for you own little pleasures. Waiting a couple of minutes less to play the game is not worth it to me, considering I will lose that time during pick/bans and risk a dodge that might reset the whole thing. I play usually 2-3 games a day, from now on it might be 1 or 0. Put yourself into casuals shoes before typing please ! Not someone with 6 runes pages , 50 + champs and all the runes. Not someone who plays 3 hours every day. Riot Slumber Jack has provided some informations on the system and how it will be implemented on mirror matches and blind pick. He has also given the reduction of queues as the reason behind the removal of TB, which is, in truth, pretty much what the original post said. Many questions still remain. "There's a lot more give than take here. Give it a few tries before you dismiss the idea altogether; we just reactivated the queue!" I will. I'm sure there's a lot of "Give" for rankers and normal drafters (people say no one plays TB, always got the impression no one played normal draft, funny ) But the "Take" is anything but lower than the "Give" to me... And hopefully others.
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