3 + 2 secret Solutions to make League of Legends the greatest and most Beautiful game of all time.

Even beyond Association football (soccer) First off just want to say Fun gameplay, love all your changes you have made the game has gotten So much better... especially pro and ranked play... (but) only when you can get those teams. Which leads me into Three things that need to be brought up and changed to make league the greatest and most beautiful game ever (hopefully more than association football even one day). First: Toxicity, bad vibes it's origin in feeding and how to solve it. Everyone wants great teamplay, the problem is it is too difficult to have good teamplay because the game design is built around feeding, which crushes morale into a gamers soul, not just their bad game but into all their future games. It shapes their mindset, self perception Horribly, Negatively. Let me explain: Feeding is really the only major Problem with league legends has and it is for obvious reasons the oldest one. Take away the ability to die and track "deaths" and this game and it's gameplay becomes a whole lot more positive and fun. The only reason people have bad games is because players use death metrics to bully other players into "feeling" less than, into thinking their deaths were the reason they loss. Which is not true. Sometimes that single death from the 10 kill fed carry because of bounty gold is WAY worse than the 5 deaths the now cannon minion support gave. People cannot see or get this even in diamond. It wouldnt be a major change in gameplay or mechanics either. It's just a perception issue that creates so much toxicity and which players incorrectly use as a self improvement metric for their skill. All you would have to do is track gold contributed to team instead of deaths. I mean you could get really immersive and not have death respawn at the fountain and just have players respawn where they died with a temporary immortal timer but that is getting a little too much dev time. I'm just saying fix the Perception issue first. No one needs to see that they died 3, 7, 14, 21 + times in a game. That's why people quit league of legends, or become extremely salty and toxic. And no, just because people don't get permabanned doesn't mean toxicity isn't seething under the surface for everyone. People become passive aggressive, they don't try hard, que health becomes Insufferable. All because of a simple metric called "death count". Please change this to "gold given to enemy team" or "gold comparison my team vs given" or something that actually helps players improve their skill. This silly kda bullshit so old it's the whole reason the game was ever toxic for anyone to begin and end with. Fix that. And you fix league toxicity... and Then people will have a visible major metric they can check all game that actually helps them improve their gameplay and FOCUS on teamplay! Now that we've solved the only major remaining problem with league of legends we have paved the path to the making this game the most beautiful game ever to exist (because it is very close) next to soccer. Second: Force Objective Synergy. The reason Association Football is the "beautiful game" is because there is rarely a score. We see it at worlds in the final matchup. That is the most watched and exciting game in League of Legends. Because it is Beautiful. Everyone is farming, NO ONE DIES IN LANE. No one FEEDS. Synergy. Poking. Testing. Flexing. Objective. Objective. Teamplay. Teamplay. Tension. Tension. Baron, Nexus, SCORE! You get the idea. If every league of legends match, felt like you were in a worlds Final. Oh man this game would blow up even more. Everyone would play this game. Removing feeding in my first point paves the way for this to happen, it makes everyone play more like a pro instantly, elating. But theres more to do to get the game to feel like it's at the Worlds Final Game point for every match. You'd need to force synergy, and make it hard as hell to objective. Forcing teamplay, making games last long without strong teamplay but removing the feeding so it feels pro. Essentially: Improve timing of camps and minions so everyone comes to play around the red buff. The ONE red buff spawn not the 4 buff spawns at once. That is just silly as hell. The start of every league game should be around a single random jungle buff. That IS league of legends. Forcing synergy to a single objective location is what makes pro play feels. Having so many options all over the map everyone all over the place is seriously the major problem with play feeling repetitive, and low class. Why is no one going for rift when it spawns? Uh because red buff uh tower, uh Killz! Uh farm! lol I mean minions shouldnt even be Spawning during a rift herald!! everyones asses should be at rift herald when and exactly when it spawns. Same for dragon. Same for baron. You want to keep split push game a thing? That's fine! Buff zzrots or introduce some alternate split push spell or something. You arent taking away individual play or tactics from league of legends by Forcing teamplay synergy. It just makes the game better and Way more fun. You know I'm right. And you know this would make every match feel like the worlds Final. The third and last thing that league needs to do is solidify Champion and Player Identity. Here me out, I love the changes you made to runes, I love the balancing of champion kits etc. You've done a fantastic job, and this will be the most difficult thing to do but it is necessary (for USA especially) to separate the champions, from their hardcoded abilities and hardcoded scaling. What? Hear me out. Everyone wants to carry as Braum. Why? Because he is a big ass bad ass buff as shit dude with a mustache. So wtf is he so weak? Well because he's a support. Duh. Righttt? Wrong. Not every Player Identifying with Braum, identifies as a Support. Not every support who is bald and likes mustaches Identifies as a Sheild only mofo. Do you see where I'm going with this? League of Legends is widely one of the most popular game Designs because it has SO much flexibility. SO that is what I am getting at. You really need to take a high level look at the stat to champion to player identity framework and separate those dependencies into these categories to Increase that flexibility and take the workload off of Riots champ dev team (save money). Here is a breakdown of how to separate the dependencies: -Champion Identity: image, backstory, signature "Item", Ultimate ability YES champion dependent -Configurable Base stats NOT champion dependent -Passive, legendary, epic ability now part of Spells category NOT champion dependent -Ability and Auto attack scaling, "ap"/"ad" preference NOT champion dependent -Runes need to go with base stat configuration NOT champion dependent -Keystones need to be grouped with spells and selectable passive abilities or remain its own thing if you must but it is a passive spell/ability. -Spells Flash is essentially a given and should be it's own hotkey for everyone and then you can merge spells with selectable passive, legendary and epic, D and F spell slots. Do you see where I am going with this? That is how you allow for the most creative identification and self expression through a character. You think it is too complicated? I mean we literally use mobalytics to Track everyones runes and keystones and altered stats combos because it's already complicated. What I am saying is literally no different than the way it is, it's just a smarter and better way of doing it that allows for EVERYONE to connect with a character no matter what and takes all of the CHAMPION development away from you guys (saves a lot of money). The runes reforged didn't stop certain playstyles from being better than others. Which still funneled player identity into unpreffered characters b/c well playstyle is dependent on dependent on dependent on not your identy and self expression lol Anyway Hope you guys use my ideas because I'm gonna make a game with this game design if you don't, hire me please :) I love this game and would rather not compete with it. I designed a fortnite game like 3 years before it came out when Unreal 4 first hit the market so just saying... hit me up because I haven't even told you the next thing that would send this game soaring even further through the roof after making these 3 major solutions I just shared with you happen, so to recap 1. Remove feeding, 2. Force objective synergy 3. Remove champion play-style dependencies. And there you have it. An almost perfect and the most beautiful competitive game and sport in the world to date. (I promise). Once these changes are made, I would SO recommend League of Legends to a friend: but right now- still toxic because of feeding. Still too "open" to objective interpretation. And not everyone in the world can identify with the character and play-style they want because it's too dependent so. Please Help me Recommend League of Legends to all of my friends and family because right now they all hate the game because of how obviously toxic, self expressively limited, repetitive and not socially positive enough. Want to know the next two secret solutions to making League of Legends the greatest and most beautiful game (as well as the most lucrative) of all time? Upvote and comment to find out xD
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