So i just got crushed in lane by a Nautilus i initially went 2/0 against

He bought a cloth armor, returned to lane 1 level down and just straight up 1v1'd me on my side of the lane. He went all-in and i was dead, immobilized so hard i couldn't return to my tower. What the fuck just happened? How the fuck am i even supposed to play against that? He bought a cloth armor - +15 armor - and that made up for level 4 vs level 3 and a 2 kill lead? That one item allowed him to both outdamage me and soak up all my damage from doran's blade, cull and long sword? (i'd also bought a ruby crystal.) How? I seriously don't understand. How the fuck did Nautilus, one level down and 2 kills behind outdamage and outtank a conqueror Urgot after buying 15 armor? Why? How? How am i supposed to play against that when he just right clicks me to death outside my turret? I've been playing this game for just over 8 years, i'm in Diamond rank. This is giving me Tahm kench vibes - he outdamages you with a full tank build, if you don't have a dash you can't get away from him no matter what. How am i supposed to play against it? I ended up 20 cs behind after one death, and from there he could instantly one-shot me whenever i returned to my lane. Iceborn gauntlet around 8 minutes, and i wasn't even halfway to black cleaver. Where's the counterplay? What can i build against this?
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