Kaiadeostone is kinda, Underwhelming to say the least.

If anyone has been on the Pbe recently, you'd realize that Klepto was actually changed with something called Kaiadeostone? (Forgot how to spell it). The concept is cool on the surface, Changing runes every 8 seconds. I tried it on Kayle because I still thought it was Kleptomancy, boy did I diddly regret using it. Though I did have Phase rush up while fighting Nasus with Kaiadeostone which basically saved my life and got me a free kill, at other times I got Grasp of the undying (ON KAYLE). Which I don't think helped too much :^). This rune adds unnecessary RNG to the game just by picking it, TBH, I think it would only work on champs like Twisted Fate or Udyr possibly since their kits incorporate well-rounded abilities that can work with almost any rune. I don't know whether or not this new rune is staying but maybe add another branch of the inspiration tree to keep Klepto? I think these two runes can Co-exist, and people can use Kaiadeostone if they please, but don't dump Klepto down the trash can. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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