The Gameplay balance does not represent player concerns

The patch 10.1 balance changes don't seem to affect any champion's stance in the Meta only maybe sylas which has been struggling since riot gutted him. Which I appreciate the changes too but seriously Top lane is completely ignored (Except Jayce{{champion:126}} for whatever reason) which is the lane in which something needs to happen to... Kass loses movement speed but nowhere close to a balance change more like a minor tweak. Bot lane pandered too greatly as always but support items nerfed ???? They might give too much stats but it is nerf to non mage supports mostly enchanters, who struggle to survive against assassins and burst meta. I was planning to quit until patch 10.1 but it seems I might even quit entirely... is this all they noticed needing changes ? Dragon focused games ? Bot lane focused junglers ? Burst burst burst burst ? Winrate of Morde being absurd and the champion being out right called brain dead and banned to non existence?
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