Out of my last 20 ranked games, the better jg won in 19 of them (high diamond elo)

It was just bothering me so much that i had to go ahead and count the games one by one. Every single game i had a good jungler on my team i won, while every single one i had a bad one i lost, EXCEPT FOR ONE GAME where both junglers sucked and i got extremely fed and managed to solo carry. Ive literally had games were we had 2 out of the 3 lanes winning hard their own lanes turn into a 15 min loss because of junglers (their jungler ganks ganks ganks until the winning lanes falls behind while ours ints, easy game for the other team). This is fine right guys? Is this being a 5v5 team game a meme now? Why not change the name of the game to league of junglers? Literally no other role matters, every single game in high elo snowballs into a auto win/loss by 20 minutes and junglers are the strongest role in the map in those 20 mins, its just stupid.
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