Would be nice if Junglers had actual trouble with jungle creeps early on.

Right now they just breeze through them to hit level spikes and then gank constantly. Would give more choices as to what to do in jungle, rather than just red/blue->crab/other buff/gank->crab/gank->gank->gank some more. Would make counterjungling more risky/have more counterplay too. Lee Sin and Kayn can basically do a Houdini magic trick on enemy red buffs and then magically disappear themselves. They are physical damage champions and do not do magic damage; in no way are they magicians. Basically: 1.) could red/blue have significantly more health in particular 2.) could most jungle creeps have a bit more health and damage, and offer a bit more gold/exp as well so they don't feel so blah for killing 3.) could jungle creeps' scaling get nerfed to compensate so that they aren't that relatively strong the whole game.
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