If you had a better ranked system people wouldn't be nearly as toxic

Let me explain - If you crush in a game and lose it feels horrible - if you are trying your best and others are not it feels like shit - if you consistently perform well and only have a 55 percent win rate this would be considered "good" buit FEELS bad and it's too slow - If you were graded not only on your wins and losses but on how well you perform on a certain champ when compared to everyone else that plays that champ or that role people would focus on themselves and know that even if they have a shit team or an asshole that there is a reason to try. It would prevent people from running it down, afking, doing anything that would hurt the rating metrics and if they did do those things, the game would kick them out of that elo quicker. - you need a better system cmon... it's been years do you not know how toxic your SYSTEM is?
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