I used to be a malzahar main, im not anymore but can we rework him into a real champion?

Hi there! Im an ex malzahar main from before the initial rework that transformed him into the unfortunately timed objective focused jungler which subsequently got him nerfed so hard he was forced into the support role and lost a good 20% of his base stats because riot decided to balance him as a support. So lets discuss rework ideas to bring him into the modern era where riot _doesnt_ dumpster AP mages while heavily favoring marksmen and AD assassins! Heres a concept ive been mulling about for a few weeks now; ________________________________________________ Passive: Prophet of the void. Malzahars abilities create void tainted ground for 5 seconds, dealing 5/8/11/13% of an enemies maximum health per second. While allies are on void tainted ground they gain 25/35/45/55 flat movement speed and their basic attacks deal an additional 10/15/20/25+0.25AP magic damage. Q: Howls of the void 2 charges. 50 mana. 10/9/8/7/6 second cooldown. Active: Malzahar places down a void portal that lasts 5 seconds. If a second portal is placed within range the two link up, dealing 120/140/160/180/200+0.6AP as magic damage and silencing enemies for 1 second. W: Prophecy made reality/Prayers unto the void 100 mana. 30 seconds on voidling queen death/10 second cooldown. Active: Malzahar summons a voidling queen at a target location, spreading void tainted ground. While a voidling queen exists prophecy made reality becomes prayers unto the void. Active: All voidlings enter a berserk state for 6 seconds, gaining 15/25/35/45/55% attack speed and 25% movement speed. Passive: lesser voidlings spread void tainted ground on death and last 3/4/5/6/7 seconds before dying. E: Malefic vision 80/90/100/110/120 mana. 8 second cooldown. Active: Malzahar creates a vision of the void in an area, dealing 80/90/100/120/140+0.5AP as magic damage and applying malefic visions. Malefic visions deals 100/120/140/160/180+0.5AP as magic damage over 4 seconds. R: Void beacon 120 mana. 100/90/80 second cooldown. Active: Malzahar becomes a beacon for the void, rooting himself for 5/4/3 seconds and causing all void tainted ground to expand, as well as forming void tainted ground around himself. During the duration malzahar is immune to damage from enemies not on void tainted ground. Enemies taking damage from void tainted ground summon 1+ 1 per 200AP lesser voidlings and lose 25%/30%/35% movement speed per second. _____________________________________________________ Voidling Queen: HP: 300+95 per malzahars level AD: 25+5 per malzahars level HP regen: 15 per 5+1 per 5 per malzahars level Movement speed: 350 Armor: 50 MR: 50 Passive: Voidling queen lays an egg every 5 seconds which hatches into a lesser voidling. Eggs hatch after 2.5 seconds and have 1 hit. If either malzahar or any voidling kills an enemy, the egg timer is hastened by 1 second. Eggs hatch instantly on void tainted ground. Lesser voidling: Same as current __________________________________________________ Breakdown! Passive: This is the major "tie in" that makes all of his other abilities potent and gives this concept its major fighting power and viability, allowing malzahar to perform his role as an APC in a highly visible and interactive way. It also makes his voidlings an actual threat if the enemy is careless. The %HP damage is high because its easy to escape, and the only real damage on the ultimate. Q: I wanted to keep the void portal thing but give it a lot more variance and adaptability, so its both a useful tool for spreading void tainted ground and a supplementary damage dealing ability. W: This is the ability that replaces the voidlings we all know; it summons a _permenant_ voidling that creates other voidlings. Its hefty cooldown only starts on death, meaning that the voidling queen is a high value target and if targeted greatly reduces malzahars capability to do damage. The second part of this ability, prayers unto the void, is a powerful buff for voidlings and is only available while a voidling queen is alive which makes the queen an even more important target. If left alone, malzahar can become a difficult target due to amassing a voidling swarm. E: Rather than the current malefic visions which is a single target DoT, this version deals upfront damage followed by damage over time. It also no longer spreads because its AoE; It functions much like a nasus E... but also spreads void tainted ground, allowing malzahar to clear waves effectively again. It also doesnt direct voidlings anymore, making voidlings less strong. R: This is a _LONG_ self CC that cant be canceled. In exchange it offers a small degree of safety via damage immunity from outside void tainted ground, can hard CC via 100% slow (which turns into a stun, if i recall correctly), and if an enemy cant defeat malzahar and get out before theyre stunned (3 seconds) theyre going to be swarmed by a minimum of 5 voidlings and a maximum of 10 at a thousand AP. This is a situationally strong "dont jump me" and "get away from me" ability that is VERY flashy and has a lot of playmaking potential as malzahar is only rooted, allowing him to still cast abilities. _____________________________________________________ Now lets discuss!
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